Why Would We Need a Successor Trustee?

Why might you want a successor trustee?

Learn benefits of having one and what they can do for you.

Over the years I have had the privilege of acting as a successor trustee for many of my clients. In the case of a single person, it is more obvious why they would need a successor trustee to act on their behalf if they became incapacitated. Read on…

Do I Really Retire When I Hit the Magic Nest Egg Amount?

I am sure most of you have seen the clever ads on television where the person is carrying a large orange sign showing the exact dollar amount they need to accumulate in their retirement fund to begin their retired years in a secure status.

It would be wonderful if we could fine tune the process to come up with the exact amount of the nest egg, wouldn’t it? Read on…

Is the “A-B” Trust Split on the First Death DOA (Dead on Arrival)?

A recent article I read indicated that the need to provide for the “B” or by-pass trust on the death of a spouse might be a thing of the past for all but the super rich. (Their definition of super rich is a combined estate in excess of $10.5 million).

Most readers know the personal lifetime exemption from estate taxes is now $5.25 million dollars for each spouse, subject to annual modification for inflation. But don’t “bet the farm” on the fact that Congress, in its infamous wisdom, won’t reduce that at some time in the future. Read on…