Silvergate Medical


Silvergate Medical is providing  primary care medical services. The facility is contracted with Medicare, as well as with a variety of other insurance providers .

Ancillary services are also available.

They see patients for regenerative medicine,  functional medicine, anti-aging medicine.

Specialty services are focusing on healthy aging, bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT), cognitive maintenance (memory clinic), weight loss and nutritional counseling.

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Other Services

  • Comprehensive metabolic assessment, and nutritional support, GI distress profile, weight management
  • Comprehensive female and male hormonal assessment and balancing. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
  • Breast cancer screening, including thermographic imaging
  • Unexplained fatigue profile (autoimmune assays)
  • West Coast Respiratory Profile Testing
  • Preventive Health Care

Contact Information:  
Edit Hegyi, M.D., PhD.
Silvergate Medical Corp.
Home of Good Medicine
16769 Bernardo Center Dr. Suite K13
San Diego, CA 92128
Cell Phone:  (760) 522‑1360
Office Phone:  (760) 990‑3523
Fax Number:  (858) 524‑6204


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