Nancy Canfield — Realtor

My daughter once asked when did I begin to volunteer? After much thought, I told her that I was a Candy Striper when I was 14, visiting seniors in a care home. I read them their letters, and helped them write responses; played checkers and assembled puzzles, whatever they wanted to do. Sometimes it was just listen to their stories, or tell them mine. The feeling in my heart of satisfaction at helping others, was repeated over and over, all through the years, helping others, raising our twin grandkids for 4 years while mom was in the service, right up through Rancho Bernardo community events: Honorary Mayor, and the Historical Society, to name a few. The “getting” is in the “giving.”

I love what RB Senior Services, and all its volunteers do, to give. Likewise, helping others re-settle, whatever the circumstances, has brought me great joy for 21 years. I’ve lived in RB since 1985, and plan to stay here indefinitely. Feel free to call on me.

Contact Information:

Lic#: 06386677

Phone: (619) 871‑9333



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