Ardent Hospice and Pallative Care

Ardent Hospice & Palliative Care, they believe that every patient is more than his or her disease; rather that the disease is just one part of what affects his or her life and environment. Click on the image to read more…

Affirmative’s Elite Home

Affirmative’s Elite Home promotes happiness and independence while building life-long relationships around Client Centered Care. Click on the image to read more…

A Place For Mom

A Place for Mom is the largest senior living referral service in the US at no cost to families. Click on image to read more.

Blue Sky Transportation Luxury Car Service

Blue Sky Transportation Luxury Car Service can be called for service 24/7. Click on the image to read more…

Silverado At Home

Silverado offers homecare specializing, but not limited to dementia care. Click on image to read more…

Senior Home Purchase Program

SHPP (Senior Home Purchase Program) helps seniors transition into senior living by purchasing their homes, as is, at a fair price. Click on the image to read more…

Assisting Hands

At Assisting Hands trained dependable caregivers and personal assistants can help overcome those challenges, and make home an even better place to be. Click on image to read more…

Medi-Cal — No Need to Pay to Complete an Application

Valuable information about how to apply for Medi-Cal and to get free help if you need it. Click on the headline above to read a helpful article …

Silvergate Medical

Silvergate Medical is providing primary care medical services. . Click on the image to read more…

Sunland Home Care

Sunland Home Care provides high quality, client-centered and affordable care services in San Diego County. Click on image to read more…

J & B Plumbing

J & B Plumbing
Click image to read more.

Partners in Home Care

Partners in Home Care provides non-medical home care services. They assist clients with activities of daily living. Click on the image to read more…

Personal Assistant Concierge Services

PACS — Personal Assistant Concierge Services gives you the opportunity to find more time in your day to take care of your life tasks. Click on the image to read more…

Edward Jones Financial Services

John Polk — a Financial Advisor who provides financial services in the Rancho Bernardo community. Click image to read more.…

Seniors Helping Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors is an in-home support service, matching seniors who can still help to seniors who need help. Click on the image to read more.

Esther Sulistio Insurance

Esther Sulistio is an independent California licensed insurance broker who can help you get a Medicare plan that fits your needs. She is certified to offer Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans. Esther is a Covered California certified agent and can help you find individual or family plans.
Click on the image to read more.

Cura Home Health

Cura Home Health, Inc. offers non-medical in-home health care services in San Diego, County that encompass a range of support tailored to fit each individual’s needs.

Accredited Home Care Services

Accredited Home Care is committed to providing quality in-home caregiver services for the ill, disables, elderly and homebound patients, striving to deliver superior home care and skilled nursing services. Click on image to read more.

Poway Adult Day Health Care Center

The Poway Adult Day Health Care Center is committed to enhancing the level of independence, dignity and overall quality of life for older adults and their families by providing two levels of affordable day care. Click on image to read more.

Medicare and Insurance Advise

Help for anyone who is turning 65 or is already on Medicare with questions or problems. Click on headline for more details

New Medicare Law — Loophole in Nursing Home Coverage

New Medicare Law regarding nursing home coverage. Click on headline and read more about the notices of loophole in nursing home coverage.

U.S. Citizenship Quiz by Bill O’Reilly

Test your American History and U.S. Citizenship knowledge with this little quiz. Click on the image for more..

Time to Move Care Placement

Time to Move Care Placement is an eldercare planning and referral agency specializing in finding the best senior care/housing. Click on the image to learn more.

Do You Know Enough to Become a U.S. Citizen?

These are the questions that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service asks of those who aspire to become U.S. citizens. Test yourself and see what you know — or don’t know — about your country.

Important Phone Numbers for Veterans

Always looking for a phone number for Veterans Organizations, but don’t have it all in one place? Now you do!

37 Steps to Take When Someone Dies

When a loved one dies, it’s hard to know where to start in managing the necessary details. Consider using this checklist to help you through the process.

Is Joint Tenancy Right for You?

Pros and Cons of Joint Tenancy.

Joint tenancy has some benefits, but there are also risks to consider.

Before you decide to take title with another person in joint tenancy, read 9 examples of what could go wrong.

20 Questions About California Wills — Part 1

Learn the basics about having a will in Part 1 of 20 Questions About California Wills.

Find out what happens if you die without a will, whether a will avoids probate, when you should change your will, whether all assets go through probate and more…