Medi-Cal — No Need to Pay to Complete an Application

Valuable information about how to apply for Medi-Cal and to get free help if you need it. Click on the headline above to read a helpful article …

New Medicare Law — Loophole in Nursing Home Coverage

New Medicare Law regarding nursing home coverage. Click on headline and read more about the notices of loophole in nursing home coverage.

U.S. Citizenship Quiz by Bill O’Reilly

Test your American History and U.S. Citizenship knowledge with this little quiz. Click on the image for more..

Obama-Care 3.8% Tax on Real Estate Sales?

Have you heard that Obama-Care includes a 3.8% tax on real estate sales?

Rumors abound and misinformation dominates any mention of the topic. Read the post for facts, examples and a PDF to download.

Services and Programs for Rancho Bernardo Seniors

Discover all of the services and programs offered by Rancho Bernardo Senior Services.