6-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Sale

checked_houseBefore your home goes on the market, look at it through the eyes of potential buyers. In all likelihood, you’ll need to take care of these items eventually, so do them now to help it sell sooner–and for more money.

1. Make Repairs

It doesn’t matter if something has been broken since you bought your home. When a buyer sees deferred maintenance, they wonder what else is wrong, and they expect the worst.

2. Not Too Personal

You may have bought your home to express yourself, but if the buyer can’t see themselves in the home because of all of your things, it’s going to take longer to sell than you want.

3. Drive-Up Appeal

The old saying, “You never get a second chance at a first impression,” applies to your home too. They may never even get out of the car to come inside.

4. The Nose Knows

It may not smell like home to your buyer, but it shouldn’t smell like a place they would never consider living. You may be immune to the scents in your home which are obvious to everyone else. Ask a friend to tell you the truth.

5. Neutralize It

Bold colors and designs are difficult for most people to see beyond. They’ll imagine their things better in neutral surroundings. And in most cases, a buyer who can’t envision making your home their own probably won’t make an offer.

6. Less Is More

Removing some of the non-essential things from your home will eliminate clutter and make the home feel larger. Do the same for cabinets and closets. Your buyer probably doesn’t have enough closet space now. If yours is jammed, it may be twice the space they currently have, but they will see it as still too small.

A confused mind will not make a decision.

Identify and eliminate items that could derail a potential sale. The preparation you make in the beginning will make it easier for potential buyers to choose your home over the competition.

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